Monday, February 04, 2013

I'm back. Also, Dr. Neil Clark Warren Scares Me.

Well, maybe it's time to pick this thing up again. What's it been? Six months? Hope you've been well.

A quick thought just to get the fingers dancing on the keyboard again (Well, maybe not 'dancing.' I'm not sure they ever 'danced'...more like dry humped?)...*ahem*...A quick thought to get my fingers dry humping on the keyboard again:

Is Dr. Neil Clark Warren, he of the eHarmony empire, not the last person on earth you want selecting your soul mate? If he's not, he's certainly in the last three. If he's not in your last three, you probably watch church on TV on Sunday mornings. I'm not judging (I actually am judging), but is he not a little too grandfatherly? Maybe a little "give-me-some-sugar-Sandusky-like-creepy-grandfatherly?

I DO NOT want this guy in charge of my love life
I could be wrong. Maybe this is all my hang up and I'm strangely freaked out by Doc Neil, but I'd venture a guess that there are a few of you out there who read this blog, or did until I stopped writing it, and you know exactly what I'm talking about, feel it even, but more in an empathetic kind of way and less in a creepy uncle tickle kind of way.

Think of it this way: You're out at a bar with some friends. You're single. Doc Neil walks over with a young man/woman on his arm and delivers he/she to you. He doesn't want you to date, he says. He wants you to be in a relationship. Then he flashes that beatific yet wholly superficial grin and floats off without another word. Get to it.

God, Doc Neil is creepy!


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I thought there had to be someone else who finds this guy he's lurking behind the drapes

Anonymous said...

He totally creeps me out! Yuck.

Anonymous said...

Please, please start posting again